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Experience the Father – Single CD and DVD in English

We were created for relationship. It is God's heart desire that we live our life being intimately connected with Him, experiencing His love everyday. Far too often our wrong perceptions of God can keep us from experiencing the very love that we so desperately need. On this CD and DVD, Stephan Krueger shares about his own journey into the Father's Heart.

Price: CD € 7.00 and DVD € 10.00

Experience the Kingdom – CD-Box (6 CDs) in German

Jesus did not come to earth to show us what God can do. He came to show us what a human can do who is completely submitted to God. He came to show us how the Kingdom of God could grow in us and through us. On this CD Series Stephan Krueger shares how we can live naturally supernatural in the realty of the Kingdom of God. Themes are: Hunger after God, My Money, my God and I, Taking your land, Experience the Kingdom and Experience Gods calling.

Price: CD-Box € 20.00

Single CD Messages – in German

Messages include: Two Trees in the Garden, Understanding the Apostolic Ministry, Heart of Stone, Heart Forgivenss, Experiencing the Fatherheart of God, Taking Risk.

Price: € 7.00 each

Living in Freedom - MP3 in English with German Translation

Living in Freedom is a CD with 5 MP3 messages from John Edwards on deliverance. Messages include: Jesus is victor, freedom from curses, freedom from rejection, freedom from the occult, setting other free.

Price: € 17.00

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